This Interactive chronological map of ancient Latin and Greek culture allows both a synchronic and diachronic outlook on literature and history, with a special focus on Latin literature. Literary genres can be highlighted, and each event is linked to a Wikipedia entry: while this is clearly a compromise on some cases, it is also true that Wikipedia is always growing larger and better.

The top bar contains the title and:

  • a button to switch languages (English/Italian)
  • a button to come back to this page
  • a list of literary genres that can be highlighted on the map.

The timeline itself is divided into three areas:

  • Roman history. Events related to institutional and social changes are in a different color
  • Latin literature. The lifespan of each author is displayed by a thin grey line, with fading extremities if dates are uncertain. Different colors are used for literary genres, patrons, works by unknown authors
  • Greek history and literature. For literary events and persons, conventions are the same as for Latin literature; historical events are in a different color.

Hardware and software requirements:

  • the map is best viewed on large and high-resolution displays (at least 22”, 1920*1080), but of course it can be adapted to smaller displays and tablets.
  • Cookies and Javascript need to be enabled in your browser; for Javascript, you can read the instructions on this page. If you have any problems, you might want to try and install the latest version of Firefox.

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